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Bioinformatics, pattern recognition and image processing, proteomics

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Hans Burkhardt, Prof. Dr.-Ing.


Pattern Recognition and Image Processing, Department of Computer Science, University of Freiburg


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Technology Offer

Protein Shape Retrieval - Fast Search in Protein Fold Databases

The department of Computer Sciences has built a software interface for retrieving structurally similar proteins in large protein fold databases. Similar proteins can be retrieved in a few seconds out of a database with 30,000 protein structures. We designed a new algebraic method for structural comparison between proteins based on invariant features computed by group integration with spherical harmonics. Our goal is to achieve accurate and fast lassification without alignment by using intrinsic, pose invariant features of the fold structure. In comparison with existing software (e.g. DALI), our method is 10,000 times faster only losing a few percent in precision.

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