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Facts and Figures

Knowledge creates jobs

A successful exploitation of knowledge means turning the results from excellent basic research into marketable products to the benefit of people in Europe and across the world. We support the implementation of our know-how into products and services for approx. 20 years.

Patent OfficeContract OfficeFounder's OfficeTechnology Marketing
  • 850 Invention disclosures
  • 1200 Patent applications
  • 350 Patents granted
  • 460 Commercialisations
  • Success rate 54%
    (Licensed patent application /All patent applications)


  • 6500 Projects and contracts with industrial partners are negotiated and signed


  • 276 Spin-off projects supervised
  • 84 Spin-offs founded as business partnership or Capital Company,
    of which only 9 abandoned
  • 450 Founders consulted and supervised


  • Contacts with 2700 companies and 3500 divisions
  • Contacts with 1500 institutions and almost 2700 divisions
  • More than 7000 personal contact partners 


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